Case study: 23andMe

REQUEST: was looking for an extended family that went from the grandparents down several generations with family members having interracial families and same sex partners. The various family members were going to travel by plane, train, or car to the grandparents’ house for the holidays. The surprise would be the tearful or shocked surprise of the arrival of the sons, daughters, spouses, significant other and grand kids.

Task (change)

All family members would be captured on camera during their travel and arrival to the grandparents’ home and had to have the natural ability to express emotions and have camera presence. The reunion needed to be vital to the emotional drive of the spot.  We had to infiltrate many various multi racial families, same sex couples, Elderly couples as well as kids groups and work in various directions to discover the ideal families. We used our unique and proprietary networks and resources. We simultaneously dealt with travel as well as the logistics of bringing a huge family together from around the country.


We discovered the ideal family members that led to a huge family arriving to a Holiday Dinner capturing the emotional moments of the arrival and the enjoyment of all being together for the holidays. The National campaign ran across the country to amazing reviews.

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Purina Challenge


We had to find several different families with dogs that were a vital part of their family dynamic and were not already feeding Purina to there dog.  Purina wanted to find the ideal city, where dogs and their owners were inseparable, accompanying each other at work, while running errands, and in various other ways that made the dogs a huge part of the owners’ daily lifestyle. We also would need to have them switch to Purina for 28 days. It would take a skilled strategy to quickly earn their trust during the casting process.


We first covered the country intensely researching, then with camera in hand we headed out to our top cities and infiltrated the communities, developing friendships and quickly networking into various groups where we could assess the community for its dog-loving lifestyle. We simultaneously scouted locations for shoot possibilities. Once we identified that Asheville, NC was the ideal place to shoot, we returned to dig deeper and discover the ideal people who were willing to change their dog’s food to Purina for a 28 day challenge.


We found several ideal families of various lifestyles who were engaging and dynamic that were willing to share their story and experience. The challenge was launched across multiple forms of media (TV, Web, Radio,Print) and people across the country joined in and took part. As a result of the campaign Purina successfully changed the minds of dog owners and convinced them to switch to Purina One.

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Walgreens was creating an interactive website for people from all walks of life living with HIV and those that support and interact with them. The patient as well as the Doctors, Pharmacists, Friends, Parents, and Relatives were all vital to this project and finding those willing would take us from Los Angeles to San Francisco.


We knew how discussing medical issues can make a person feel vulnerable and exposed and were aware of the HIPPA concerns surrounding patient privacy. Our specialized communication skills and our approach to target specific groups throughout Los Angeles and San Francisco led us to finding heart felt, gripping and compassionate stories from amazing people.


We turned those emotional and compelling stories into the interactive Walgreens HIV support web site. The powerful stories and experiences shared by those on the site help millions of people with HIV and those that support them.

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Kidz Bop

Kidz Bop began as a CD of young singers singing top hits. When the company decided to put faces to the music and wanted to create a group of young 9 to 13 year-old kids who could become the face of the brand, They enlisted Stuart Stone Casting to find kids who were not only amazing singers but also great dancers and actors. These kids would be the face on commercials, music videos and PR events.

As Kidz Bop grew up so did the original kids so new kids were needed. As we continued to discover new kids the brand was gaining a huge following and launched a tour performing across the country selling out arenas across the country. Today they perform at over 58 venues in the United States as well as Australia, London, Mexico and Germany.

With its exploding success over the past 12 years we have grown our search from a few major states to across the country. We have built a in depth network with access to over a thousand plus resources where we have discovered the most talented kids form the tiniest corners and smallest of places to the largest major cities across the United States.

Kidz Bop has launched many careers and continues to grow as we bring the best kids across the country to the U.S and other countries world wide

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Prudential encourages everyone to plan their financial life and there were several demographics they were looking to reach. From women who will become solely responsible for their finances, self-employed people where there are no worker benefits to people planning for retirement with longer life expectancy. We had to set out across the country finding the ideal people and their stories that were ideal to the financial situations prudential was looking to


We interacted closely with the production company and advertising agency to begin developing people and areas where the financial situation and the people would best fit each financial situation. Once the concepts unfolded, we headed out across the country, starting in Stonington Main. Lobster fisherman and the climate of the industry along with their families started our first location. From there we headed to Monowi, Nebraska, spending time where we spent time in the community meeting and talking to the neighboring towns’ people who visited the local shop run by 1 woman who also ran the town. We were then off to Loma Linda where people seem to live longer than others.  Here we blended into the community and met with people of all ages and brought out the towns people’s stories.


We brought back many interesting, heartfelt, and financial situations that told the true-life situations being faced by the various people we met. We brought out the human side with our skilled and well-developed style of interacting with people from the smallest town in the United States to a large community of elderly people living a longer life expectancy. We hit the client request they asked for resulting in a hugely successful campaign driven by authentic people sharing their stories

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