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Conversation about bias


(Self Tape)

Concept: A major corporation is producing digital spots to be used to bring awareness to biases thru this web media

Rate: 1 year web only $500 all in

Shoot: In your home by you 4 hours or less 1 day

ROLES: REAL-Police Officer (Caucasian male), African American Male (20-30), African American Mother (40+), LatinX Female (Teen), Senior African American Male (60+), Asian Female (20-30), Senior African American Female (60+), Caucasian Father(30+), Middle Eastern/Muslim Male (30s), Transgender Individual, Bi Racial Straight Male (20+), African American Father (30+), LGBTQIA Caucasian Female (18-25), Caucasian Female Middle America (50+)

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(Deadline May 27, 2020 -11am)

Kidz Bop

We are looking for boys and girls ages 9 to 12 to become a member of the KIDZ BOP Kids! If you think your child’s got what it takes, send us a short performance video. They must be able to REALLY sing, dance and act. If they can also play an instrument let us know!

Kidz Bop

Ad Council


(Self Tape)

RATE $712/ A DAY (2-4 DAYS)

(This must be YOUR story)

People (35- 60 years old)
– who had to make a mid-life pivot and are currently working in a new career
– who unexpectedly lost their jobs and had to change direction.
– who were unhappy with what they were doing and decided to completely change their careers.
– who perhaps went to a trade school, p-tech or an apprenticeship. They might possibly be working in tech, a hospital, aircraft mechanics, an electrician, etc.

People (20- 30 years old)
People who chose an alternative path right out of high school.
– Someone who decided the family business wasn’t for him/her and chose a different route.
– Someone didn’t feel like a traditional 4-year college was the right path for him/her.
– Open to other stories of how people who hadn’t yet begun careers chose an alternative path.

This is a PAID job

You will shoot your own video safely at home
For more info how to participate Email:

(Deadline SAT JUNE 6, 2020 -4pm PST)